GPS Adapter for Nikon D600 GP-1A

Nikon GP-1A GPS for D600

The NikonĀ GP-1A GPS Adapter for D600 provides automatic geotagging of images taken with the D600 DSLR. It records longitude and latitude, altitude as well as the time the image was captured and saves the information in the image file’s EXIF data. Using Nikon’s free ViewNX 1.2 software, the pictures can be correlated with maps and shared on Nikon’s my Picturetown service.

GPS standard:Ā Geodetic System WGS84

Suggested Retail: $312.00

Nikon Part #: 27034

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2 thoughts on “GPS Adapter for Nikon D600 GP-1A

  1. What a rip-off. I can’t see what the difference is between this GP-1A unit and the GP-1 is. I use the Opteka GPS for $39 and it works great with both my D7000 and my new D600. I doulbt there is any difference. It is basically the same as the Nikon unit except the plastic and connectors are likely a little bit less robust than the Nikon. Accuracy is excellent to within a few feet as expected. Both GPS nedd the same extrernal cord which is a kludge and stresses the connector when putting the camera in a bag. Why Nikon does not integrate GPS into the camera is beyond me.

  2. I agree. I plan to overhaul my set-up in March/April next year and I’m waiting to see if Nikon catch-up with Canon and integrate wireless and GPS into a camera like the D600. I’m increasingly convinced that Canon have more respect for their customers and deliver new innovation ahead of Nikon. I don’t want bits bolted on, clutter in my bag and connectors etc failing…..not to mention the expense.

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