Nikon D600 entry level full-frame DSLR is coming

Rumors of the Nikon D600, a new entry level FX camera, have surfaced. The upcoming D600 is set to be an affordable full-frame camera intended for advanced amateurs and photography enthusiasts. The new model will sit below the 36MP D800 announced February 2012 and will be more of a replacement for the current D700. The D600 will be announced and released sometime in Summer 2012. It offers a moderate resolution perhaps 18MP if it uses the same sensor as the D4.

Internet forums and blogs are abuzz with the rumor of the D600, first announced by Nikon Rumors on April 25, 2012. The new D600 may include features such as built-in GPS and the ability to use a WiFi adapter such as the D3200. There will be an optional battery grip available.

The D600 will feature a similar size and profile to the D800, with an ergonomic layout and modern Nikon styling cues. It will likely share some of the features of the D7000 such as dual SD card slots and built-in timelapse.

Because the D600 is aimed at current Nikon DX shooters, it will accommodate all Dx lenses with an auto-crop feature. It will also have built-in RAW editing capabilities. Expect it to share many of the build features as the D7000, such as magnesium alloy body and some weather sealing. It will not be as strong as a full-time pro body like the D4, but it will withstand daily use.

Unlike the current video-less D700, the D600 will feature HD video features including 1080p at 24/25/30 as well as 60fps. Expect the price to fall in line with current D700 prices, somewhere around $1800 to $2000.

A new full-frame entry level camera makes perfect sense from Nikon. They currently have several consumer grade full frame zoom lenses that would work well with an amateur FX camera, including the 28-300mm and 24-120mm. Recently announced prime lenses such as the 85mm 1.8G and 28mm 1.8G would make a great match for those seeking outstanding image quality on a budget.