Nikon D610 gets new shutter mechanism

Nikon D610 picture

The new Nikon D610 gets a redesigned shutter and a lower retail price. The new Nikon D610 is officially announced October 8, 2013. The main change from the D600 is the shutter. The new design allows for a faster frame rate and a new quiet continuous shooting mode.

The Nikon D610 now offers a Quiet Continuous (QC) mode to yield 3fps of nearly silent shooting. The mode is selectable on the shooting mode dial. Continuous shooting has also been improved to 6fps (from 5.5fps on the D600).

New Automatic White Balance (AWB) refinements improve color tones, especially in mixed and artificial lighting, providing better skin tone and more accurate sky color.

The D610 is also priced competitively, base price is now $1999 for the body only and $2599 for a kit including the 24-85mm VR lens. Additional kits are available with the 28-300mm VR lens.

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