Nikon Releases D600 Firmware Update Version C: 1.01

Today Nikon has released updated firmware for the Nikon D600. The new firmware fixes the HDMI video output to allow full 100% frame size when the information display has been turned off. Previously, the display was only 95% with black bands displaying on the output HDMI image. Continuous auto focus (AF-C) tracking has also been improved. Support for the ultra-telephoto Nikkor 800mm f/5.6 VR has been added. Other minor bugs were fixed including:

  • When shooting in DX mode with Active D-Lightning turned Off, sometimes the right edge of the image had a white cast. This has been fixed.
  • When using Camera Control Pro 2, with Storage set to PC+CARD mode, pressing the shutter-release button on the camera repeatedly could result in an error (displaying “Err” on top LCD on the camera) and it would stop responding. The issue has been fixed.
  • When shooting with a custom white balance, either in Kelvin (K) or in a preset white balance (PRE), in rare cases the color would change when shooting. This issue has been fixed.

To check the firmware version or update the firmware installed on your D600, press the Menu button and go into the Setup menu. Select Firmware Version.

In order to update the firmware, download the new firmware from Nikon’s support site. Running the program will extract the update file named .bin file on your computer in the selected directory. Copy this file to the root (not in a folder) on a SD card and place the card in the D600. Your battery must have a full charge before you begin the update process. Then on your camera, go to Menu > Setup > Firmware Version and select update firmware.

Download Firmware Update for Nikon D600: Firmware Version C: 1.01