Round Eyecup for Nikon D600

Round eyecup for Nikon

Is there a round eyecup for the Nikon D600?

You can use the Nikon DK-22 adapter to convert to a round eyepiece and eyecup on the D600. The adapter slides over the square viewfinder and give you the 19mm female thread necessary to mount a round eyepiece. You can use the 19mm Nikon FM2 eyepiece, which is a standard eyepiece for the Nikon FA camera. The eyepiece can be fitted with a round DK-3 eyecup. The rubber eyecup will cover a small part at the top of the LCD.


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  1. Thank you for the information. Two questions: will this fit a D610, and, do you need the middle FM2 eyepiece. I really only want an eyecup that will fit on my D610.

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