Nikon D610 announcement coming in 2 weeks

The Nikon D600 FrontNikon D610 could be announced in just 2 weeks. The admin of Nikon Rumors reports that tips point to Nikon announcing the new camera on October 7 or 8, 2013. The D610 will be a revised version of the Nikon D600, brought to market to address concerns over the shutter mechanism causing oil spots to be deposited on the image sensor.

The new D610 is expected to have a new shutter mechanism, and is rumored to be able to shoot at 6 frames per second, rather than the current 5.5 frames of the D600. Other specifications of the camera are expected to be largely similar to the existing D600. Last week the D600 was removed from the minimum price policy (MAP) which signaled retailers to clear their inventory at unrestricted price.

We expect the retail price of the D610 to fall in line with the current D600 model, with a suggested retail price of $2095 US Dollars, and discounted to $1995 with instant rebate for the body-only version.

2 thoughts on “Nikon D610 announcement coming in 2 weeks

  1. Unbelivible! Nikon is slapping all D600 owners in the face, and shows the finger. They should had got back all D600 or people should had got a discount in price for D610. Buuuut as we all know Nikon is to greede for that.
    Hello Canon!

  2. Great! , I JUST bought a new D600 last week from Japan because it was so much cheaper than Germany, where I live.

    Now I’m back in Germany and have no way of returning it! I researched the D600 for a couple of weeks before I purchased it and not once have I come across the dust and oil issue. I cannot believe that I missed that.

    Suddenly I’m not so excited about my purchase. And the D600’s price went down right after I bought mine. What a crap deal I put my self into.

    Any ideas on what I should do?

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