More D600 Specifications and Possible May 2012 Announcement

The Nikon D600 leaks keep flowing, another sign that its announcement may be very soon. Nikon Rumors reports some additional specifications about the upcoming full-frame D600 DSLR, including some interesting tidbits about its features, most notably: it will have a 24.7MP sensor, it will include an internal auto focus motor, and it may have some weather sealing, and will have 100% viewfinder. Additional positive signs are that it will have a full set of video features: HDMI output, full 1080p HD video in 24, 25 and 30 fps, and 720p 25,30,50,60 fps. It will have the same 3.2-inch LCD as the D800 and D4 with automatic brightness adjustment.

The auto focus system will be a 39-point array with an option for 11-points for faster operation when speed is critical. Nine of the focus points are cross type. It also will have face detection such as the D4 and D800. The exposure compensation has a range of +/- 5EV.

This camera sounds like it will be the proper successor to the D700, packing an increased resolution, ISO range (100-6400 expandable to 50-25,600), 5fps frame rate, and slightly smaller and lighter size and weight of 760g (850g with battery and memory card).

There is still no firm indication of price, but the range of $1500 to $2000 is mentioned. It is hard to believe all these features could be put in a $1500 camera, and our thoughts are that it will most likely fall around $2000. Currently, the D700 sells at $2199, and it unlikely that the D600 would be price too far below that.

As for an announcement, there are some European dealers who have been invited to an event in Casablanca on May 28, 2012. A Monday announcement would be slightly unusual, however given time zone differences, it may make sense. Historically, Nikon has announced new products on a Tuesday.

Nikon D600 Full Frame Camera Features

Nikon D600More information about the upcoming Nikon D600 full frame camera have surfaced. Nikon Rumors reports today some additional information about the new entry-level FX DSLR from Nikon. The D600 is poised to create a new market segment, an affordable camera capable of professional levels of image quality.

The most interesting aspect of the D600 will be its price. While other full frame cameras start around $3000 on introduction, the D600 will be priced competitively perhaps as low as $1600 at introduction. This gives current DX users an easy upgrade path to the FX realm.

Incorporating the Sony 24MP Exmor image sensor, the Nikon D600 will provide double the resolution of the current D700. It will be capable of 5fps continuous shooting, equalling the D700.

To accomodate those with DX lenses, the D600 will offer a DX crop shooting mode with 12MP resolution. New FX lenses are expected to be announced with the D600, including a 24-70mm variable aperture zoom. Along with the current 28-300mm and 24-120mm lenses, Nikon may also release a 70-200mm f4 and 16-35mm variable aperture lens.

The autofocus system will be a new system with 39 AF points, switchable to 11 points, and will likely use face detection for perfect focus on portraits. Internal photo retouching, and wifi support through an external adapter WU-1 as well as EyeFi cards will be supported. Dual SD card slots will allow extended shooting and backup options.

Flas sync will be offered with 1/250 sec speed. User programmabke settings banks U1 and U2 similar to the D7000 allow for personalized customization.

The new Nikon D600 will offer a tremendous level of performance at a new price level and is set to create new demand in full frame photogrqphy. It is expected to be announced late summer 2012 with release by early fall 2012.