Updated Nikon D600 Information

Nikon D600 with LensThe Nikon D600 will be announced in just a few short weeks, and additional features and specs are still rolling in. At this point, we know so many features it would almost fill an entire specifications list, yet there has been absolutely no official announcement from Nikon to date. The leading rumor site Nikon Rumors posted this morning some additional details, many of which we have already known or suspected for weeks.

First confirmation is that the Nikon D600 will indeed be a very small camera, similar in size and weight to the D7000. It will also feature a similar build, using magnesium alloy in its body only for the back and top sides of the camera. The remaining areas will use traditional plastic construction, much like the D7000. The D600 will also feature some weather sealing, although not to the extent of professional body Nikon cameras.

The D600 will feature Nikon Expeed 3 processing, including 16-bit image processing. It is not known if this will mean 16-bit RAW files (.NEF), we find this unlikely given the flagship Nikon D4 only features a 14-bit maximum RAW and 16-bit Expeed 3 processing. The D600 will also incorporate 19 scene modes for automated shooting.

The D600 shutter is rated to 150,000 cycles, whereas higher end Nikon DSLR such as the D800 feature 200,000 cycle life span, and the D4 a 400,000 cycle life. The shutter in the D600 is capable of 1/4,000 second maximum speed, compared to 1/8,000 in the previously mentioned professional Nikon cameras.

As already gathered from leaked photos, the D600 will have an internal mic (mono), as well as a stereo mic input on the side panel. The D600 will be limited to 30 minutes of video recording. Like many other DSLR, this recording time limit is implemented so that the camera would not be taxed as a camcorder in EU countries.

So much is known about the D600, yet the price remains a mystery. If we are to believe many of the rumors about pricing, this could be a breakthrough full-frame DSLR. Given the amount of information known, the price would fall in line with the enthusiast and amateur market. A significantly different price would place this camera in the professional level and the specs so far point to the Nikon D600 being an entry-level consumer camera.