Remote Release Cord for Nikon D600 MC-DC2

Nikon MC-DC2 remote release for D600

The MC-DC2 Remote Release Cord for Nikon D600 allows you to control the shutter from a distance. The sliding lock allows you to keep the shutter open for extended exposures, beyond the 30-second limit setting on the camera. The MC-DC2 plugs into the remote release port on the side of the camera. Its 1 meter (3 foot) cord length allows you to be a short distance away from the camera which it is supported on a tripod or other stabilization device. This remote can be used in addition to the camera’s internal shutter release timer for extra flexibility. The corded remote does not require a battery to operate and does not depend on infrared signal, so you can activate the camera from anywhere the cord will reach.

Nikon part number 25395

Suggested retail: $35.50

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4 thoughts on “Remote Release Cord for Nikon D600 MC-DC2

  1. To whom it may concern,

    I would please like to enquire what the available cable lengths are for this remote triggering device?

    And what is the maximum cable length that it can be before it may cause problems?

    Kind Regards
    Rudolph Kalp

    • Yes, they both control the shutter. The wired MC-DC2 has a lock to hold the button for extended periods (when used in bulb mode). The wireless ML-L3 is infrared so it needs to be pointed at the front or back of the D600 to work, but will work from a longer distance up to ~16 feet. The wired remote has a ~3 foot cord.

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