Cyber Monday Deals: Nikon D610 for $1799, Lightroom 5 for Half Off!

Nikon D610Cyber Monday Deals are here. This page will be updated as new deals are available. First off, get the Nikon D610 body for $1799! That’s $200 off and free shipping at Abes of Maine.

Limited time offer (ends at 4PM EST) Adobe Lightroom 5 full version (Win/Mac) for $72.99 at Adroama! That’s half off the regular price of $149.99 and free shipping. Adorama is also giving 5% back bonus today.

Lens special: Nikon 50mm f/1.4G lens for $349! That’s over $100 savings on this popular prime lens.

Nikon D610 Black Friday Deals: Save on 30 Nikkor Lenses

Nikon D610 pictureBlack Friday is here and Nikon has rolled out discounts of up to $300 on 30 popular Nikkor Lenses. To qualify you need to purchase a new Nikon DSLR, including the D610 as well as the D3100, D3200, D5200, D7100, D800, D800e, D4 and Df. With camera purchase you can buy one or multiple different lenses. Futher discounts include SB-700 and SB-910 Speedlights and 1.4x and 1.7x teleconverters.

The lenses include the “Holy Trinity” 14-24mm f/2.8G ($200 off), 24-70mm f/2.8G ($200 off) and 70-200mm f/2.8G zoom ($300 off), the popular f/4 zooms: 70-200mm f/4G ($300 off) and 24-120mm f/4G ($300 off). Primes are also available with the discount: The f/1.4 series: 24mm, 35mm and 85mm at $200 off each, and the 50mm f/1.4 at $50 off. The two f/1.8G lenses 28mm and 85mm are also $50 off. Tilt-shift lenses are on discount: 24mm f/3.5 PC-E ($200 off), 45mm f/2.8 PC-E ($200 off) and 85mm f/2.8 PC-E ($180 off).

If you already own a D610 and still want to get a discount on several lenses, you might consider purchasing an inexpensive DSLR such as the D3100 or D3200 and either sell it, keep it as a backup body or give it away as a gift. The potential discounts add up fast, and an inexpensive Nikon DSLR can be entirely paid for with the discount on as few as 2 lenses.

Select retailers also include additional accessories. For example, Amazon offers a free camera bags and SD media card with the Nikon D610. See all the Nikon Savings on Lenses and Accessories at Amazon.

Low price on Nikon D600 body-only

Nikon D600 Strip TopSince Nikon removed the D600 from its Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy, retailers are free to advertise the camera at lower than retail price. The first major discount has appeared at Samy’s Camera, who now offer brand new Nikon D600 for $1799 on its website at with full Nikon USA warranty. Also included is a free 180 LED light for both still and video, along with free shipping. Samys is an authorized Nikon dealer. The same discount was published in a major newspaper in the Southern California area, where Samys has five retail store locations.

Retailers are expected to lower the D600 to help clear inventory as rumors about a possible new Nikon D610 continue to develop. At this point, the new camera appears like it will be a minor update that will share most features with the existing D600.

Nikon Lens Rebates Ending March 30, 2013

Nikon 85mm 1.8G Lens

Nikon is ending its financial year at the end of the month, and the current batch of instants rebates on 18 Nikkor lenses will also end March 30, 2013. Unlike many recent Nikon promotions, the discount is not tied to the purchase of a new camera. You can save up to $350 per lens on many popular lenses.

Because of strong demand during the lens promotion, several popular lenses are backordered. If you order by March 30, you will lock in the low price and lenses will be delivered as stock becomes available.

The rebates are available at participating Nikon retailers, including Amazon and B&H Photo. Rebates in effect through March 30, 2013.

FX Zoom Lenses
24-70mm f/2.8G $200 off @ B&H, Amazon
70-200mm f/2.8G VR II $300 off @ B&H, Amazon
24-120mm f/4G VR $300 off @ B&H, Amazon
24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G VR $100 off @ B&H, Amazon
28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G VR $150 off @ B&H, Amazon
80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D $350 off @ B&H, Amazon

FX Prime Lenses
24mm f/1.4G $200 off @ B&H, Amazon
35mm f/1.4G $200 off @ B&H, Amazon
50mm f/1.4G $100 off @ B&H, Amazon
85mm f/1.4G $200 off @ B&H, Amazon
28mm f/1.8G $100 off @ B&H, Amazon
50mm f/1.8G $20 off @ B&H, Amazon
85mm f/1.8G $100 off @ B&H, Amazon
AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED $100 off @ B&H, Amazon

DX lenses
18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G VR $300 off @ B&H, Amazon
18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II at $250 off @ B&H, Amazon
16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G $100 off B&H, Amazon
DX Micro 85mm f/3.5G VR $100 off @ B&H, Amazon

Visit the special promotion page: Nikon Lens Discounts at B&H Photo.

Deals on Nikon D600 Refurbished $1599, New for $1846.95

Nikon D600 Body OnlyThe latest deals on the Nikon D600: You can now get a Nikon Factory Refurbished D600 for $1599 @ B&H Photo.

Cameta Camera is offering bundles including the Factory Refurbished Nikon D600 plus 32GB SD Card, Battery, Remote & Accessory Kit for $1699. Cameta includes a free 1 year Cameta warranty. A 90 day Nikon factory warranty applies to refurbished products.

If you’re looking for deal on a brand new D600, Abt is listing the D600 new for $1846.95. That is a $250 instant rebate! Abt is an Authorized Nikon Retailer so you get the full Nikon USA warranty. Abt is out of stock now, but expects the next shipment in 2-3 weeks. The rebate is listed to end March 3, order now to lock in the low price.

Huge Nikon Lens Discounts

Nikon Lens Discounts
Nikon is dropping lens prices up to $350 on popular Nikkor lenses for a limited time. Unlike previous offers, there is no camera purchase required. These lens discounts will not lost long are set to expire on March 2, 2013 Update: Extended through March 30, 2013.

Of the 18 lenses on discount, 14 are full frame FX-format lenses. They include professional-grade f/2.8 zoom lenses: $200 off the 24-70mm f/2.8G and $300 off the 70-200mm f/2.8G VRII zoom.

The complete set of f/1.4 G prime lenses is also on huge discount: $200 off the 24mm f/1.4G, 35mm f/1.4G and 85mm f/1.4G and $100 off the 50mm f/1.4G. The wide f/1.4 aperture provides low-light capabilities and a shallow depth of field.

The recent f/1.8 prime lenses are also included: $100 off the 28mm f/1.8G and 85mm f/1.8G as well as $20 off the already bargain-priced 50mm f/1.8G. These lenses offer outstanding performance at a fraction of the cost of the f/1.4 primes and are a good match for the latest high resolution Nikon D600 and D800.

Discounts on FX lenses include $300 off the excellent 24-120mm f/4G VR Zoom and $150 off the 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G VR zoom and $100 off the 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G VR kit lens. The ultra-telephoto zoom 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D is discounted by $350. The AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED gets $100 off.

DX lenses include the wide range zoom 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G VR at $300 discount and 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II at $250 discount. The excellent 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G zoom and DX Micro 85mm f/3.5G VR are both $100 off.

See all the Nikon Lens Discounts at B&H Photo.

Holiday Deals on Nikon D600 Continue

Holiday Deals on the Nikon D600 continue even after Christmas. You can still pick up the D600 plus 24-85mm VR lens kit for $1996 for a limited time, but now you can also score a Factory Refurbished Nikon D600 body for only $1679 including a 1 year warranty from Cameta Camera. That is over $400 off the retail price! Factory refurbished items are returned to the factory and inspected by Nikon and any repairs necessary are made. Refurbished cameras are often are more thoroughly checked than new ones off the assembly line. Although refurbished gear normally carries a 90-day Nikon warranty, Cameta includes a 1 year warranty.

The factory new Nikon D600 with 24-85mm VR lens for $1996 deals are available through December 29, 2012. Some notable deals include this Amazon D600 deal offering a bonus 4% in addition of 2% cash back, for a total of 6% (that’s $119.82) good toward future purchases. You can also get 12-month 0% financing from Amazon.

B&H Photo is offering two bundle deals on the Nikon D600 for $1996. The first one is a D600 Video Enthusiast Bundle which includes D600 + 24-85mm VR lens + Rode VideoMic ($149 value) + Fuzzy Windbuster mic cover ($29) + SanDisk Extreme 32GB SDHC card ($35 value) plus free shipping and 2% reward ($39.94) — totaling over $250 in extras and $910 off the retail price. The other deal is the D600 Photo Enthusiast Bundle with the D600 + 24-85mm VR lens + SanDisk Extreme 32GB SDHC card ($35 value) + Oben Aluminum Tripod model AC-1310 with Ball Head model BA-0 ($99 value) plus free shipping and 2% reward. These deals are good through December 29, 2012.

Nikon D600 Promotions

The Nikon D600 is now available with a free Nikon 24-85mm VR lens! Get it all for $1996.95! The best deals going now is at B&H Photo, who are also including an extra battery, memory card, monopod and a camera bag. Total value of free items is over $880! Plus get free 2-day Air shipping and a 2% now 4% Reward that can be redeemed on a future purchase. There has never been a better deal on the amazing new full-frame camera from Nikon. At this price you are getting a free $600 lens. The D600 body is selling for the same price without any lens! Just three months ago the D600 was first released and was selling at $2695 with the lens with no extras or rebates.

You can also get this great deal at Amazon. Total price of $1996.95 for the D600, plus 24-85mm VR zoom lens, plus 2% back in rewards, free Transcend 32 GB Memory Card, AmazonBasics Backpack and a Free Class on Demand $100 Black Card, as well as free shipping.

Adorama is also offering an amazing deal: Nikon D600 Nikon 24-85mm VR Lens, Adorama VIP Member Extended Protection Plan, 32GB Class 10 SDHC Card, Camera Case, Spare Battery, External Battery Charger, Remote Trigger, WiFi Mobile Adapter and Cleaning Kit, as well as a 4% Reward

Nikon D600 Black Friday Deals

Nikon D600 Bundle at Adorama

The busiest shopping day of the year near and many retailers are running special promotions well ahead of Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). The Nikon D600 body-only now includes an extra $100 off at several retailers and this amount increases to $200 off when purchased with the 24-85mm VR kit lens.

To sweeten the deal, B&H Photo, Adorama and Amazon offer 2% rewards for purchasing the D600 which can be redeemed for a future purchase, while J&R offers 1% rewards on Nikon products. Some retailers go even further and include free items with the D600: B&H Photo includes a SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB SDHD card, Lowepro Rezo camera bag and Pearstone battery pack — a $114 value. Adorama throws in a Transcend 32GB SDHC card and Lowepro Rezo camera bag but their bundle does not include the 2% reward.

All discounts, rebates and free items considered, the best deal for the D600 is at B&H Photo: D600 body for $1996.95 and the D600 + 24-85mm VR Lens for $2496.95 including free shipping. You can also get the D600 body + 28-300mm VR Lens for $2896.95 a $250 savings and plus a free camera bag and 32GB SD card.