Cyber Monday Deals: Nikon D610 for $1799, Lightroom 5 for Half Off!

Nikon D610Cyber Monday Deals are here. This page will be updated as new deals are available. First off, get the Nikon D610 body for $1799! That’s $200 off and free shipping at Abes of Maine.

Limited time offer (ends at 4PM EST) Adobe Lightroom 5 full version (Win/Mac) for $72.99 at Adroama! That’s half off the regular price of $149.99 and free shipping. Adorama is also giving 5% back bonus today.

Lens special: Nikon 50mm f/1.4G lens for $349! That’s over $100 savings on this popular prime lens.

Nikon D610 Black Friday Deals: Save on 30 Nikkor Lenses

Nikon D610 pictureBlack Friday is here and Nikon has rolled out discounts of up to $300 on 30 popular Nikkor Lenses. To qualify you need to purchase a new Nikon DSLR, including the D610 as well as the D3100, D3200, D5200, D7100, D800, D800e, D4 and Df. With camera purchase you can buy one or multiple different lenses. Futher discounts include SB-700 and SB-910 Speedlights and 1.4x and 1.7x teleconverters.

The lenses include the “Holy Trinity” 14-24mm f/2.8G ($200 off), 24-70mm f/2.8G ($200 off) and 70-200mm f/2.8G zoom ($300 off), the popular f/4 zooms: 70-200mm f/4G ($300 off) and 24-120mm f/4G ($300 off). Primes are also available with the discount: The f/1.4 series: 24mm, 35mm and 85mm at $200 off each, and the 50mm f/1.4 at $50 off. The two f/1.8G lenses 28mm and 85mm are also $50 off. Tilt-shift lenses are on discount: 24mm f/3.5 PC-E ($200 off), 45mm f/2.8 PC-E ($200 off) and 85mm f/2.8 PC-E ($180 off).

If you already own a D610 and still want to get a discount on several lenses, you might consider purchasing an inexpensive DSLR such as the D3100 or D3200 and either sell it, keep it as a backup body or give it away as a gift. The potential discounts add up fast, and an inexpensive Nikon DSLR can be entirely paid for with the discount on as few as 2 lenses.

Select retailers also include additional accessories. For example, Amazon offers a free camera bags and SD media card with the Nikon D610. See all the Nikon Savings on Lenses and Accessories at Amazon.

Nikon D610 gets new shutter mechanism

Nikon D610 picture

The new Nikon D610 gets a redesigned shutter and a lower retail price. The new Nikon D610 is officially announced October 8, 2013. The main change from the D600 is the shutter. The new design allows for a faster frame rate and a new quiet continuous shooting mode.

The Nikon D610 now offers a Quiet Continuous (QC) mode to yield 3fps of nearly silent shooting. The mode is selectable on the shooting mode dial. Continuous shooting has also been improved to 6fps (from 5.5fps on the D600).

New Automatic White Balance (AWB) refinements improve color tones, especially in mixed and artificial lighting, providing better skin tone and more accurate sky color.

The D610 is also priced competitively, base price is now $1999 for the body only and $2599 for a kit including the 24-85mm VR lens. Additional kits are available with the 28-300mm VR lens.

Pre-order the D610 at Amazon
Pre-order the D610 at B&H Photo
Pre-order the D610 at Adorama

More Nikon D610 pre-order options, kits and discounts.

Nikon D610 announcement coming in 2 weeks

The Nikon D600 FrontNikon D610 could be announced in just 2 weeks. The admin of Nikon Rumors reports that tips point to Nikon announcing the new camera on October 7 or 8, 2013. The D610 will be a revised version of the Nikon D600, brought to market to address concerns over the shutter mechanism causing oil spots to be deposited on the image sensor.

The new D610 is expected to have a new shutter mechanism, and is rumored to be able to shoot at 6 frames per second, rather than the current 5.5 frames of the D600. Other specifications of the camera are expected to be largely similar to the existing D600. Last week the D600 was removed from the minimum price policy (MAP) which signaled retailers to clear their inventory at unrestricted price.

We expect the retail price of the D610 to fall in line with the current D600 model, with a suggested retail price of $2095 US Dollars, and discounted to $1995 with instant rebate for the body-only version.