Nikon D600 IN STOCK now at Amazon

Nikon D600 in stock at AmazonJust 5 days after its announcement, the Nikon D600 is now in stock now at Amazon. Nikon prepared for the D600 launch by building up enough stock to fill initial orders. The Spetember 18 availability date given by Nikon is indeed accurate. Retailers around the world are have been receiving their D600 shipments and today marks the first day of official availability.

The D600 is currently #1 on the Best Sellers in DSLR Cameras on Amazon, whereas the new Canon EOS 6D is in the number 7 position on the same list. The Canon 6D is not expected to be available until December, 2012.

When Nikon announced the 24MP D600 on September 13, it was the smallest and lightest full-frame DSLR to date. Then on September 17, Canon announced their new full-frame 6D which became the new lightest full-frame DSLR. A comparison of D600 vs 6D specifications reveals there are many similarities between them; the D600 comes out ahead on many specifications, but the 6D adds some extras such as built-in WiFi and GPS.

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Canon Announces EOS 6D 20.6 MP Full Frame DSLR, Goes Head-to-head Against Nikon D600

Nikon D600 vs Canon 6D

It’s a full-frame shootout between Canon and Nikon. Today, Canon announced the EOS 6D, the latest addition to their line of DSLR. It seems Canon and Nikon were reading from the same playbook when designing their entry-level DSLR. Nikon D600 holds the edge in megapixels at 24.3, but Canon may best it in ISO, at least passing it in native ISO up to 25,600, where Nikon can only match using its extended range. But Nikon holds a 1fps edge in continuous shooting (5.5 fps vs 4.5 fps). But Canon fires back by including both Wi-Fi and GPS on-board. You’ll have to pay extra to get those options as accessories from Nikon.

Both cameras feature magnesium-alloy and poly-carbonate bodies, and both have external battery grips to double shooting capabilities. The Canon weighs in a few grams less, but your wallet won’t feel the difference — they cost the same $2099 US for the body alone. Get a lowdown and Compare Nikon D600 vs Canon 6D specifications. Which one will come out on top? You be the judge.