Highlights from Nikon at Photokina 2012

Nikon booth at Photokina 2012Photokina only comes around once every two years, and this year’s show in Cologne, Germany featured some monumental introductions from camera and lens manufacturers. The Nikon D600 was announced just before the show, but Photokina 2012 marked the public debut of this new full-frame DSLR as well as its official release date. By the time the camera was seen at the show, it had already been in production for months to build initial inventory to meet demand.

In addition to showing the latest products in their display, Nikon hosted presentations and interviews with some of the most talented professionals in photography. The Schulz brothers, Florian and Salomon, who filmed the breathtaking D600 introduction movie Chasing the Light were on hand. Here is a special interview answering some questions about making their video:

You can find more about Florian Schulz and his nature photography on his web site at visionsofthewild.com

The centerpiece of Nikon’s display was a giant rotating heart made of video screens. You can watch the assembly of the Nikon Photokina 2012 booth in the following timelapse movie:


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