Nikon D600 Scores Big in DxO Test, Scores 94 to the D800’s 95!

Nikon D600 DxO test resultsDxO just released their sensor tests for the Nikon D600, and the new full-frame DSLR has posted a 94 overall score! It looks like the D600 has been cheating off the D800’s test! When DxO tested the Nikon D800, it scored a 95 while the D800E scored a 96.

In low light testing, the D600 rivals the D800/D800E with a DxO score of 2980 ISO. The difference between the cameras is imperceptible.

The Nikon D600 scored a dynamic range mark 14.2 EVs, which is only 0.2 shy of the D800. When put head-to-head against the previous generation $8,000 24MP full-frame D3X, the D600 stands out as the winner with 1/2-stop better dynamic range. At base ISO, the D600 (as well as the D800/D800E) surpass even the D4 at dynamic range. Only at high ISO does the D4 begin to pull ahead.

When compared with the current Canon full-frame, the D600 blasts past the 5D Mark III with a 2.5 stop advantage in dynamic range. DxO has not yet tested the new Canon EOS 6D, but it would seem to be a tall feat for Canon to make significant improvements over the 5D Mk III at the 6D’s $1400 lower price point. The Canon EOS 6D is not expected to be released until December.

D600 Dynamic Range

3 thoughts on “Nikon D600 Scores Big in DxO Test, Scores 94 to the D800’s 95!

  1. It seems that this camera is way more expensive in Britain than anywhere else. I can pick one up here in Australia for $ 2380 AUS which is about $1530 GBP. That brings it in at about $1100 AUS less than the D800. For a camera of the D600’s obvious class it seems a comparative bargain. “Affordability” is a relative thing though. Bearing in mind that the AUS $ is worth more than the US at the moment $2099 US is a good deal.

    • In UK, the D600 price is high when comparing to the D800.
      UK Retail:
      D800 £2599
      D600 £1995 = 23% less

      US Retail:
      D800 $2999
      D600 $2099 = 30% less

      But that doesn’t tell the whole story. In US, Nikon always sells at retail, but in UK dealers can sell at a discount.

      One example of discounted prices in UK:
      D600 £1,893.86 on
      D800 £2,154.97 on
      D600 is only 12% less than D800 with current discounts. The new release won’t have as much discount, but in a few months the price may come down.

      The $2099 US price is without tax; it could be up to $2300 with tax depending on location. If UK price is quoted including tax (20%?) then the US $2099 would be around £1550 with currency exchange and tax. The current US price on the D800 is $2999, if you convert and include VAT that is £2215, which in line with the current discounted UK price.

      So I think what you are seeing in UK is more a result of retailers not discounting as heavily on a new item. Since Nikon UK doesn’t price fix, they can’t really set a long term price as they do in other markets.

  2. I have been using the D90 for 3 years and I would like to upgrade to either the D7000 or the D600. I’ve heard so many good things about the D600 on the web. With this review, I will bite the bullet and order the D600 tonight -:)

    Thank you so much for sharing. Please keep them coming…

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