Nikon D600 Official Announcement on September 13

Nikon D600 Top Angle with LensNikon will announce the D600 on September 13, according to multiple sources. One member of the press received an invitation to a press event in Dubai, “Nikon is delighted to invite you to a showcase event celebrating the launch of the latest additions to its DSLR range.” Previously, the date of September 13 was mentioned by Nikon Rumors. The D600 is highly anticipated to be a breakthrough camera by offering a full-frame image sensor in an enthusiast/consumer size body and build at an affordable price.

Given the overwhelming response from the Nikon D800 full-frame introduction, bringing a full-featured D600 at a fraction of the price will certainly shake things up in the DSLR marketplace. It will attract many amateur photographers with DX cameras to upgrade to the 24MP D600 FX camera. It sends the message to current pro-DX shooters (D300/D300s) that FX may be the way of the future for Nikon, leaving DX for consumers. It also will necessitate a shift for competitors, Canon and perhaps Sony, to bring FX to a more affordable level.

The price of the D600 is could be under $2,000 at introduction. Some rumors have placed it around a $1,500 price point. Just recently, the D7000 was given a price drop from $1,199 to $999. This move strengthens Nikon’s lineup from a pricing standpoint, and positions the D600 as a high-end enthusiast camera below existing professional full-frame cameras.

The Nikon D600 announcement on the 13th will be followed by its public debut at Photokina 2012 on September 18-23 in Cologne, Germany. Photokina is an international trade show for the imaging market that brings over a thousand exhibitors together to display their products and services. The show is held every two years. In the weeks leading up to the show, as well as during the show, manufacturers announce their latest products that will carry them into the following months. The week before the last show in 2010, Nikon announced the D7000. We fully expect the D600 to follow a similar schedule.

7 thoughts on “Nikon D600 Official Announcement on September 13

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  2. Hopefully this will be also available in Australia on time… I mean on 18th sept for pre-order. Can’t wait.. Moving from Leica to Nikon; and D600 will be a perfect toy to play with.

  3. I am so excited, being an Olympus 4/3rd fan for years but due to eye strain wanted a full frame camera, but not too heavy. I cannot believe its here, just want to hold it in my hands .

  4. From the D90 it is known that the lens socket can become loose from the plastic frame when using/transporting with heavy pro lenses.
    The front of the D600 is also plastic, the D600 is heavier than the D90, is this construction improved or is it the same?

    • The D600 has a similar build to the D7000, using magnesium for the top and back of the body and plastic is used for the front of the body behind the metal lens mount. When using or transporting heavy lenses care needs to be taken with any DSLR. Cradle the lens with the left hand when shooting, long lenses can be mounted on tripod with lens collar rather than have the entire weight on the front of the camera, and transport your heavy/long lenses separate from the body. If your camera is going to be used in professional-level duty and see frequent abuse in the field, you should consider a professional-level body such as the D800 or D4 that have an entire magnesium body.

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